Oil Mist Collector

Oil Mist Collector


Heavy airborne smog is generated due to the use of various oily metal working fluids during CNC machining, Fasteners Processing, Steel oil quenching and other metal processing procedure, long term exposure to which may cause chronic occupational diseases or lower working efficiency of workers resulting from the chemically toxic and physically irritating nature of metal working oil. Finely dispersed mist would precipitate along with metal particles from previous processing, On the floor making it very slippery and more prone to accidents and on the friction component of the processing machinery.


Enormous oil mist removal Efficiency.

Processed air can be discharged directly into the atmosphere.

Safe and stable units with electrical protection system.

Complemental with self monitoring and malfunction self diagnosis functions.

Easy to clean and maintenance with no recurring cost.

Light weight and compact size.

Oil mist can be collected by our stand alone units or our centralized treatment station

Low working noise.


Reusable ESP collection components eliminate costly filter replacements and disposal.

Flexible installation options accommodate many application requirements can help increase company profitability.

Contaminants drain off; ESP collection components, reducing the frequency of unit maintenance and clearing.

Units' maintenance consistent air flow at all time for continuous clean air circulation.


Model Volume CMH Power(w) Voltage Phase RPM Pressure Drop CNC Volume M 3 RPM
DEKM-IO 1000 750 420 3 2800 40 pa 4 85
DEKM-20 2000 1200 420 3 2000 40 pa 8 125